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Data privacy policy

Data Retention Policy:

I herewith agree that Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH, Atelierstrasse 10 in 81671 Munich – hereinafter referred to as “Avantgarde” – may electronically collect my personal data and process and use it for application process and job placement purposes with its clients.
Personal data will only be forwarded to clients of Avantgarde inasmuch as this is required for job placements.
I moreover agree that Avantgarde may store, process and utilise my personal data and confidential application documents beyond the legal record retention periods. Avantgarde may contact me to update the stored data and for job placement purposes.
Applicants may demand information concerning their personal data which is stored at Avantgarde at any time and free of charge. Applicants may also demand that their personal data be corrected or deleted as long as this request does not contradict legal record retention requirements. If legal record retention requirements forbid the deletion of data, the data shall be blocked until the end of the mandatory period and subsequently deleted.
This Declaration of Consent may be cancelled at any time and free of charge. Cancellation will result in the deletion or blocking of all personal data that is stored at Avantgarde and in the closing of the applicant’s account. The applicant is free re-register at the career portal at any time.

Please direct all enquiries concerning data privacy (questions, rights of data subjects, cancellation) to the following email address: [email protected]

Data Protection Information:

1. Purpose of the collection, utilisation and processing of data

To simplify the application process, AVANTGARDE Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH (hereinafter referred to as “Avantgarde”) offers all applicants the option of applying on the Avantgarde career portal. You can submit your master data and accompanying documents online on the Avantgarde career portal, which is an easy way to participate in the application process. The career portal makes submitting your data easier for you and enables Avantgarde to process your application faster.

2. Transmission and restricted use of information

The personal data you submit will be collected, processed and utilised for the exclusive purpose of processing your application and in the job placement process. The data will be transmitted to third parties solely within the context of the job placement. The career portal is operated with the assistance of rexx systems GmbH in connection with contract data processing. No processing for purposes other than the one described here will take place.

3. Personal data

Avantgarde collects the following personal data: - Mr/Ms/Dr - first name and surname - place of residence - landline or mobile phone number - email address

In addition, Avantgarde will collect the following personal data as long as it is provided in the registration template or is part of the cover letter, résumé or the reference letters: - desired salary - vocational training - school-leaving qualification - language skills - photo - all other personal data contained in your cover letter and other enclosures

4. Data import from XING and LinkedIn

If you have a profile on the social networks XING or LinkedIn, Avantgarde offers you the option of importing your application master data from there. In this case, the data you have stored at XING or LinkedIn is uploaded and automatically transferred to the application form. Avantgarde offers this feature as an optional service which has no impact on your application procedure.

5. Duration of storage and right of withdrawal

Based on your declaration of consent, all data will be stored in our database for five years. After this time, the data will be automatically deleted. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and without stating reasons. As a result of your withdrawal, your personal data stored at Avantgarde will be immediately deleted and you can no longer participate in the application process. It goes without saying that you can reapply via our online career portal any time you wish. Please direct your questions concerning data privacy or your withdrawal to the following email address : [email protected]




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