2017 – A Retrospective

2017 in retrospect has been a fruitful year for Avantgarde. Let us rewind the year back to take a meditative look at some of our proudest experiential moments this year!

We are proud to present a selection of some of Avantgarde’s finest work in 2017.

Brand experiences are brought to life in AR magic with ‘ source site George Talks’. Avantgarde was called upon by Prince Mercer Capital to deliver an app that lifted George Washington from a dollar note, presenting an augmented 3D message in experiential fashion.

cadillac house

Our work with enter Cadillac Europe proved to be pretty iconic. It’s a daring showcase of pop art meeting cars featuring the exhibition ‘Letters to Andy Warhol’ and contemporary European artists.


Avantgarde believes in pushing the boundaries to create exceptional brand experiences. In true Avantgarde fashion, our team led by architects, designers and project managers delivered rich cultural experiences for documenta14’s 950,000 visitors.

astana cac

2017 has been a year of monumental successes for Avantgarde. Our work at the Astana Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan saw our skilful teams help the ‘ go to site Astana Contemporary Art Centre’ – the first of its kind in Kazakhstan. The result is a lasting and educational brand experience for visitors.

astana ebpa

We are dedicated in supporting progressive ideas and practices. At Astana Expo 2017, our architectural talents designed a seamless ominichannel experience for the visitors featuring a guidance mobile app and the structural ‘Energy Stream’. enter The Astana Energy Best Practices Area is a platform created to host innovative and sustainable ideas, it just goes to show Avantgarde’s eclectic experiential capabilities in action.

Our Avantgarde team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a fruitful New Year. See you in 2018.