Avantgarde and Reporters Without Borders Give Digital Exile

Together with the NGO Reporters Without Borders we developed an innovative social media campaign to help persecuted journalists get their voice back. Facebook and Twitter users can give them ‘digital exile’ – and create awareness for their situation and topics. The campaign kicks off on Human Rights Day on 10th December 2016.

In order to direct more attention towards the ongoing violations against the freedom of press and information, Reporters Without Borders Germany and Avantgarde launched the campaign “Digital Exile”. Participants can rebrand their social media profiles and publish articles from three persecuted journalists. Can Dündar (Turkey), Nazeeha Saeed (Bahrain) and Ray Mwareya (Simbabwe) all hope for many participants in the campaign, and we do, too!

A number of famous Germans support the campaign, among them actress Veronica Ferres and musicians Thomas D and Smudo.

It is really simple to join the action by following these simple steps:

1. Go to the campaign website digitales-exil.org (in German)

2. Choose one of the journalists you want to give digital exile to. All information about the journalist are on our website. It’s also where you’ll find three pieces of writing by your chosen journalist.

3. Download the Facebook- or Twitter package including profile and cover image of the campaign as well as links to the pieces of writing.

4. With a few clicks you can redesign your Twitter or Facebook profile, post the links to the articles, and thus give digital exile to your chosen journalist.

More information at www.digitales-exil.org!