Avantgarde goes EXPO 2017

Future Energy is what it’s all about at this year’s world fair in Astana, Kazakhstan . We are proud to be involved in several ways to create an enduring impression of this year’s EXPO and its principal subject.

Not only countries will show their future energy concepts, but also artists: How do they use energy to create new ways of artistic performances? And what kind of contemporary synergies arise with technology?

As the prime contractor we are responsible for the cultural highlight of EXPO 2017 – the Astana Contemporary Art Center. Its exhibition ARTISTS & ROBOTS will present 17 artists from 13 countries enganging in robotic art. ARTISTS & ROBOTS is curated and organized by the Parisian museum Réunion des Mueés nationaux – Grand Palais in collaboration with Avantgarde.

Besides the exhibition, we teamed up with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art from Moscow to provide a sophisticated cultural programme devoted to the study of new ideas and discourses in the field of contemporary culture. This programme offers visitors of all ages cultural activities like workshops, documentary films and excursions – all designated to the underlying importance of art and education. In addition to the exhibition’s and architecture’s coordination, Avantgarde is in charge of over 1.700 events at EXPO 2017 covering everything from literature to performing arts.

Additionally, our architecture and creative teams from Munich designed both the architecture and the exhibition concept for the Energy Best Practices Area (EBPA) at EXPO 2017. In the EBPA international energy companies present their ideas for combating energy challenges of the 21st century. One of our milestones has been the development of a creative and interactive exhibition design: An „Energy Stream“ connects different areas within the pavilion, a guidance system helps visitors via WLAN to navigate through the exhibition and gather additional information about the exhibitors.

The EXPO 2017 is a unique playground for Avantgarde to showcase our expertise in creating interactive experience across various disciplines – from architecture and digital technologies to art curation and project management.