The most important asset of every agency is its people. And at Avantgarde we try to recruit some of the best talents in their field. Take Florian Gampert, Junior Art Director in our Munich office. Earlier this year, Florian – together with his friend Kevin May – won the People’s Choice Award at the first Adobe Creative Jam in Munich.

The Adobe Creative Jams are unique two-part creative experiences where design duos compete in a tournament utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud; meanwhile, a group of creative leaders will be detailing their own creative process in the Creative Jam Presentations next door to a large audience. After three hours and no rules, the teams present their work to an audience/jury who chooses a winning team.

The challenge was to complete and interpret the words „Creativity is…“ in under three hours. As one of five participating teams, they chose to create interactive posters with Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML 5 and JavaScript. To find matching expressions for the term creativity they asked and portrayed passers-by with their camera during the concept phase.

They merged the portraits with the relevant interpretation of creativity and turned them into abstract illustrations, creating a unique visual from every asked person. The evolving poster series showed the diversity of creativity in a unique way winning them the People’s Choice Award.

Here’s a little extract of their idea:

While every snowflake is clearly identified as such, no two (are) alike. Various parameters ensure that every snowflake is unique. – The same goes for creativity.

Congratulations to Flo and Kevin.

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