Avantgarde Visits Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica is an annual festival in Linz/Austria that celebrates digital arts, technology, and social changes. The ideas and installations presented show are innovative, radical, and often pretty eccentric, which is why our digital unit in Munich decided to go there and make a short film about their visit. We hope this will inspire you as much as it did us!

When asked about some of the highlights, Tobias Leingruber, our senior project manager digital, pointed out these installations:


man working out

The Collider

A question of trust: how far are you willing to entrust your security to a machine?
The Collider is a door that opens only to those who apparently don’t believe in its existence. Anyone who’d like to pass through it has to take a 15-meter-long approach and run full-speed-ahead right at the closed portal.



Robot Tile

“Robot Tile” enables you to make real strides as you advance through virtual realities. On these robotic plates, you can proceed in any direction you like and still remain on one spot. Your actual physical motion imparts the feeling of being inside the virtual world instead of it just passing by before your eyes.


cloud picture


“Urania” is a device that produces white clouds in a blue virtual sky—the technological simulation of a lovely, soothing natural phenomenon. Plus, users can influence the density of the cloud cover by simply blowing into a plastic tube. Inside the tube, there’s a Bluetooth mouse that registers the air current as a command, which it forwards to the software that controls the clouds in the ceiling projection.


Check out all the other installations on the Ars Electronica website!

Video by Adrian Missy.

Cover photo: Bot & Dolly