Byton goes to Milan Design Week

At this year’s Milan Design Week, Byton made its European debut at the renowned BLINDARTE Gallery. The elements of the Byton brand were on full display: signalling its vision for the future of mobility. And Milan’s Design week could not have been more of a perfect destination to showcase this.


With Avantgarde as a partner, the Byton installation showcased the compelling blend of Byton’s defining brand elements: design, art and mobility.

The art installation presented the theme of Connectivity using copper threads that linked and guided guests around the gallery and then towards the central event – the Byton electric vehicle. The result was the transformation of the Byton philosophy into a tangibly enchanting brand experience.

Avantgarde’s concept has translated our brand values into tangible experiences

From conceptualisation to execution, Byton tasked Avantgarde to create a holistic vision for its European debut at Milan’s Design Week. Avantgarde used its multidisciplinary expertise to craft this engaging and immersive space from architecture, design, hospitality and project management.

What this space signifies is not only a place to be where guests can experience Byton’s brand values in an immersive way, but also the ‘Time To Be’ – mirroring the Byton driving experience where connectivity and the luxury of time well spent becomes a lifestyle.