CBQ: A Spectacular Transition into the Future

In mid last year, our office in Doha/Qatar organised a spectacular event for the Commercial Bank Qatar (CBQ). A unique multimedia presentation drew in the audience and helped the bank and its employees make the transition into a new era. We spoke to Markus Hofmeister, Managing Director of our Doha office and an expert on brand experiences in the Middle East.

What is the Commercial Bank?

Commercial Bank is the biggest private bank in Qatar and the most profitable bank in the middle east. Last year it acquired a Turkish as well as an Omani bank. The bank’s brand image is rather high-end and its customers are also high-income earners.

enter What was the the task for Avantgarde?

CBQ used to draw a lot from its rich history. However, in 2013 it was time to revise its CI, create a new vision, and position itself anew. All branches were overhauled, all print media, online etc. The big challenge for Avantgarde was to brief CBQ employees with the new CBQ world and share the new values and vision with them.

source What was the solution you came up with?

Together with the CBQ team we created a corporate event for its employees. It showed the past of the bank and lead the bank’s staff into the future.

watch What were the biggest challenges?

Apart from the time frame it was mostly getting the whole information across within 1.5 hours – and all of it in an engaging and comprehensible way.

What did you learn while working on the project?

Integrating various cultural differences and demands from food to entertainment. It is very difficult to offer something exciting and connecting to people of different backgrounds like Indians, Filipinos, Arabs, expats, and the Qatari owners.

What were the results?

It was a very positive event. We hosted almost 900 guests – the highest number ever recorded for a CBQ staff event. The multimedia presentation worked extremely well and created a lot of excitement in the audience.

How did you create fans for the client?

Through motivating the employees through the success story of the bank and filling them with pride we certainly strenghtened the CBQ brand.

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