Coca-Cola Happiness Study Released

The German Coca-Cola Happiness Institute just released the “Coca-Cola Happiness Studie”, a research paper on happiness. Study leader and one of the eleven contributing experts was no other than Peter Wippermann from our trend forecasting unit “Trendbüro”.

#einfachhappy - The new Happiness Study
#einfachhappy – The new Happiness Study

The study examined how the three most important changes in society influence individual happiness:

  • the growing individual autonomy and personal responsiblity
  • individualisation and virtualisation of social relationships
  • the fact that individuals have an ever growing number of options while having the same amount of time

Here are the key findings of the Happiness Study, five strategies for more individual happiness:

  • develop values and priorities: Identify your own values, goals, and needs. Set priorities. Document reflection and feelings. Develop a “vision” for your own life.
  • invest in social relationships: Offer appreciation, appraisal and attention. Find fellow campaigners. Balance  close and remote contacts. Enable others to experience freedom and autonomy.
  • active time management: Rigorously plan time for work and your private life. Limit your availability. Plan downtime and me-time. Spend quality time offline.
  • practice mindfulness and concentration: Focus on few priorities. Avoid distractions, go offline. Serenity concerning everything that is no priority. Reduce perfectionism.
  • actively shape your life: Get zest for life from various sources, avoid single-minded focus, for example on your work only. Actively seek new perspectives (“reframing”). Identify and test your leeway, dare to experiment.

Coca-Cola also compiled a nice (German) infographic on the 10 most important rules for individual happiness:


Download the complete study (in German) here.

Cover photo: Camdiluv ♥/Flickr CC