Melt!ing Away

This year, the famous German electro/rock music festival Melt! became the stage for part-time rockers, scuba divers, tattoo freaks and market criers – all thanks to Avantgarde’s involvement in O₂’s brand experience at the festival. 

From the 18th to the 20th July 2014,  Melt! went down, a music festival in the unique ‘City of Iron’ in East Germany. The 20,000 visitors were able to see shows from more than 130 electronic and rock music acts, among them Portishead, Röyksopp, Robyn, Moderat, and Metronomy. Avantgarde was on site with a concept for O₂ that created interaction between the popular mobile carrier and the festival guests.

watch After a successful first phase earlier this year, O₂ had decided to launch into a second flight of their popular #YouCanDo #Biopic campaign. Through an online voting, the best user-submitted personal story gets picked and turned into a real movie – produced by a professional movie crew. In order to promote the new season, we built the “O₂ Zone”, a large brand space, out of several ship containers, and had the festival audience engage with the brand and its core message “You Can Do”. Visitors were able to have their memorable moments turned into a tattoo, battle with a market crier, make a rocker laugh, or take a dive in a small pool.

follow They shared photos of their involvement on social media, and most of all created a lot of great stories for the #Biopic campaign!

Along the way, participants submitted their personal story, and were awarded with a small giveaway, like an O₂ beach towel. The O₂ brand space, including a lounge area with free wifi and phone charging stations, became one of the busiest areas of the festival: “The promotion was a big success as a lot of people engaged with the brand on a positive level,” Avantgarde’s Account Director Flo Reichenberger tells us. “They shared photos of their involvement on social media, and most of all created a lot of great stories for the #Biopic campaign!”

click here Avantgarde was responsible for the concept, its implementation and provided and coached the promoters on site. In total, 269 submitted stories were curated for the website. And as one participant told us: “Coolest activity of the whole Melt!”

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