Mercedes-Benz’ Gigantic Car Vending Machine

Labelled “the biggest vending machine in the world” by German marketing press “Horizont”, our latest campaign “Der Auto-mat” for Mercedes-Benz featured an enormous construction that delivered cars with the push of a button.

Once again, Avantgarde has developed an all-new way to attract a new type of consumer to the brand Mercedes-Benz and its cars: a car vending machine that delivers cars ready for a test drive. While the roadshow complete with a small vending machine and a selection of the A- and B-Class, GLA, CLA Coupé and CLA Shooting Brake models will tour 18 cities across Germany throughout May and June 2015, a giant vending machine was built in Frankfurt for the project kick-off last weekend. The machine actually contained the cars, which appeared in the bottom slot after pushing the right button (and after inserting a giant “coin”).

What makes this project special? Well, for starters it focuses on the product itself, and generates buzz around Mercedes-Benz’ core asset: cars. “We placed this emotional brand experience right in the city center to be close to our young and urband target demographic,” explains Avantgarde board member Guido Emmerich. The opening event in Frankfurt was a big success as hundreds of people throughout the day eagerly waited for their turn to push the button and receive a car.

source url Avantgarde developed the concept, takes care of the customer journey and created key visual and print ads. We were able to draw from our experiences from the award-winning “Vorausfahrer” campaign from 2012 and last year’s the “GLA Audiobook Adventure“, both for Mercedes-Benz.

Once again we showed how to create an emotional brand experience that reaches new consumers and creates excitement for the Mercedes-Benz brand.

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