On A Virtual Tour In The Mercedes-Benz GLA

What do a new Mercedes-Benz GLA, a cupcake and a mysterious monster from primeval times have in common? All of them were part of a virtual reality experience in the Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin from April to June 2017. Based on  existing 360° GLA content Avantgarde developed a creative concept for an interactive gaming experience. The Munich-based agency Design4real turned the concept into an app.

Participants found themselves on a virtual search for a primeval monster as well as for four hidden items – such as a cupcake. Additionally the experience provided interactive information on the Mercedes-Benz GLA.

The icing on the cake: Participants entered a raffle to win 6×2 VIP tickets for an evening event in the Mercedes-Benz Arena’s Entertainment Suite.

Since 2015 Mercedes-Benz is naming partner of the Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin. Avantgarde supports Mercedes-Benz by providing staff and content as well as brand activation campaigns to create holistic brand experiences.