Quo Vadis Germany? – Werte-Index 2018

Once again, Avantgarde’s strategic think thank Trendbüro in cooperation with Kantar TNS and ORCA released a new edition of the Werte-Index.

The biannual study highlights the development of individual values in Germany by analysing posts in online discussion forums, social media and blogs. For the first time, the Werte-Index included Instagram into its analysis, thereby also taking into account visual content. Reflecting the essential role of influencers within social media, the Werte-Index 2018 points out their value system separately and in comparison to general users. A key finding, as co-author and founder of the Trendbüro Prof. Peter Wippermann puts it: “Influencers open up a sphere of aspiration, while users much rather display reality.”


In 2018, these are the top three values: Nature, Health, Family.

The Werte-Index shows: Digitalisation and globalisation increasingly overwhelm our society. People are looking for an exit strategy in a world that has become too fast-paced for them. Co-author Jens Krüger describes these “hiding places” as echo chambers. Accordingly the values “nature”, “family” and “security” show the highest increase. It is a revival of traditional virtues, however in a novel / more modern definition.

source site More information on http://werteindex.de/  and www.trendbuero.de .

Werte-Index 2018

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