The Artistry of Grey Goose Gastronomy

Within a year, The Nest by Grey Goose has become the most awarded bar and gastro lounge in China. Avantgarde Shanghai organized the launch of the Autumn & Winter menu – The Artistry of Grey Goose Gastronomy – on the 10th of December 2015. A special selection of international and national media were invited.

While traditional values play a strong role in present-day China, Shanghai as metropolitan city sets and follows international trends. Over the years, transacting the approach of being original and taking a pioneering role has become increasingly important for Shanghai. As a new trend the first Artisanal Grey Goose martinis were introduced at The Nest to the Chinese Market. Consumers have a huge choice out of 30 different extraordinary mixed martini versions. The Autumn & Winter menu consists of courses that are a combination of a Grey Goose cocktail and an inspired food dish.


Avantgarde created a simple but elegant atmosphere for the menu launch. A long table dressed with simple elements and rustic touches as well as a low and warm lighting turned The Nest into a cozy space for the new collection. A home away from home.

In a homely ambience, The Nest offers every consumer a special brand experience which turns into a personal moment for everyone. The importance of creating a perfectly sophisticated brand experience has risen to match changing consumer preferences in China.