The Sound of Porsche

source link How can a luxury brand appeal to a young, urban audience and its changed set of values? We believe we have an answer: Together with German luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche we created “The Sound of Porsche: Stories of the Brand” – a unique brand pop up experience that lets visitors become part of the Porsche brand in an unexpected new way. After events in two metropolises is safe to say that the concept is a great success.

Things kicked off in September 2014 in New York City’s fashionable neighborhood, the Meatpacking District, and continued in London’s Westfield Shopping Mall. In each city, the location was designed like a record store, and indeed you were able to browse through various “records” that contain stories about the rich heritage of the German sports car brand. Needless to say that the content had been carefully selected and exclusively produced for the brand pop up. You can find a few examples on iTunes, and here are all the record covers:

click here Bernhard Maier, Member of Porsche’s Executive Board, explained during the London opening event:

go site This interactive experience extends our brand beyond the boundaries of the traditional showroom, and enables Porsche to connect with people in a setting familiar to them.

A favourite with the crowds is the “Sound Lab”: A Porsche 911 that can be experienced through its signature sound and state-of-the-art visual mapping: Select an urban route, a mountain pass or the Nürburgring, and alongside the matching sound of the car the landscape is mapped onto the car.

The grand opening parties in New York and London both featured many celebrities as well as Porsche enthusiasts like race driver/actor Patrick Dempsey, fashion designer/Porsche collector Magnus Walker or Guy Newmark, who has driven his Porsche 356 for more than 1 million miles (and has an entire Sound of Porsche record devoted to this feat). No matter if you’re browsing through the records at the sound stations, enjoy the 3D-mapped Porsche 911, or take part in a Porsche drawing competition: You will be drawn into the brand and its core values. Or as blogger @digital_icious put it:

And now we have this beautiful experiential pop-up from Porsche that hits all the sweet spots of what the people are currently enjoying – music, videos and premium design products + a canvas to express themselves.

User jovelroistan gets all lyrical: “I thought about how everything else disappeared when I put on the headphones. Even with all that was going on, it was just me and the brand. Me and the DNA. The lines—they’re the foundation of Porsche’s design and they speak for themselves: timeless and luxurious simplicity. #soundofporsche”

Photographer/designer Abiel Ruiz stated on Instagram: “Expect me as a client in the near future.” And TheGatsby1989 said: “Wasn’t really a fan of Porsche till today #SoundOfPorsche” – Mission accomplished!

Cover animation: Instagram user annikakalin