Turning Iconic Architecture into Stunning Design

Avantgarde’s creative unit created a merchandising collection for “Dresden Information”, the city’s official tourist information.The design is based on a dynamic logo that incorporates elements of twelve different floor plans of Dresden’s most iconic buildings. The shape of the individual logos always reflects the letter “D”.

In the German city of Dresden, baroque meets modernism, history meets zeitgeist and sports meets arts. The city is famous for its historic buildings and unique sights. With this in mind, our creative department designed the “Dresden eDition”. It reflects the city’s cultural diversity and stands out from the plethora of city souvenirs. 


The black-and-white logos of the collection show D-shaped elements of the ground plans of various historic buildings, such as Semper Opera, Frauenkirche, Transparent Factory, Dresden Castle and Stadion Dresden. The Dresden eDition does justice to the brilliance of the individual buildings and adds a stringent corporate design.

Avantgarde’s Chief Creative Officer Tim Strathus explains: “The Dresden eDition contains a unique Dresden typography, which is as distinctive as Dresden’s architecture.” 

The merchandising collection consists of typical items such as postcards, coffee mugs and canvas bags, as well as unusual promotional items such as a stone collection made from local serpentine.

More information about the Dresden eDition at www.edition-dresden.de