Xin Nian Quai Le! – Creating Fans in the Year of the Rooster

Likely for many people, the shiny glow of the new year has worn off as we’ve gotten over our New Year’s Eve hangovers and given up on our resolutions. Here at Avantgarde Shanghai though, we are just getting started as we get ready to keep Creating Fans in the Lunar New Year!

Xin Nian Quai Le! That’s how you wish someone a ‘Happy New Year’ in China where, in addition to the Western Gregorian calendar, people also follow the Chinese Lunar Calendar to track horoscopes and holidays every year. In 2017, the Lunar New Year will occur on January 27, when we will bid farewell to the Year of the Monkey and welcome the Year of the Rooster.

After the New Year’s Eve festivities are done, the holiday is far from over. The entire New Year Holiday generally stretches out over two weeks (a period collectively referred to as ‘Chun Jie’, or Spring Festival). During this time, family and friends present each other with red envelopes of money (‘Hong Bao’) as gifts for the New Year. Also at this time, brands in China go into overdrive with their biggest campaigns of the year because of this nationwide increase in spending money as well as a generally captive audience with a half month of time on their hands.

As for us at Avantgarde Shanghai, we’ll take the holiday to reflect on the year behind us, spend time with special people, and of course look forward to Creating Fans in the Year of the Rooster!


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