007 Elements: The Bond Experience

We want to use this incredible location to place our guests into Bond’s environment, and bring the stories to life in a unique and unforgettable way

On the snowy façade of Sölden, Austria sits a two-level structure seamlessly blended into the Gaislachkogel Mountain. What the untrained eye may perceive as just a mere architectural marvel is actually a hidden world unto itself: the world of James Bond.

This is 007 Elements – a spy-fuelled expedition that takes Bond fans to the location of the latest Bond film Spectre. With a view that spans the Tyrolean valleys, this unique structure casually sits at 3,050 metres above sea level. Along with the unique structure is a unique experience that awaits guests inside: one that expertly harnesses the power of authenticity by utilising the actual filming location as the background for this immersive tale of espionage and Bond history.

Mission of Discovery.

Just like the iconic cold open of the Bond films, 007 Elements introduces guests to the Bond world through the Barrel of the Gun. This atmospheric room establishes the deliciously dangerous journey that guests are about to embark on by recreating the thrilling experience of the Bond films.

Our aim with 007 Elements is to tell the narrative of the Bond story in an emotional and engaging way

In the Lobby, guests are placed right into a Bond scene where the spy would typically face his villainous foe. This transporting experience is supplemented by an exclusive film that guides viewers into the filmic history of Bond – which is of course narrated by none other than Bond director Sam Mendes. Guests are invited to instantly connect with the dangerous world of Bond through the familiar visual design of the Lobby.

With the surrounding scenery, the Valley Passage treats guests to a panoramic view of the mountains. It also happens to be the filming location of an action set piece from Spectre.

Guests are then given the opportunity for an exclusive peek behind the curtain with the Action Hall providing viewers an insightful look into the magical role of special effects when it comes to those spectacular action scenes.


Mission Accomplishment.

What 007 Elements does so expertly is give guests the starring role of the famous spy, whose mission is to uncover the secrets in front and behind the films. Whilst this task appears to be of a simple nature, the experience is undoubtedly elevated and hinges upon the special location where guests do not need to suspend their disbelief. The immersive nature of the experience becomes natural and instantaneous just by virtue of the the environment exposing the guests to the extreme temperatures and the panoramic views.

It is a brand experience that celebrates the spirit of adventure in a transporting way by creating a compelling blend of immersive, insightful and interactive elements. 007 Elements distinctly illustrates the power of thoughtful experience design in harmony with a stellar location that instantly and emotionally connects the guest to the experience. The discovery: spy work is no easy task after all. 

Photo credit: 007 Elements