Generation Z is the new Black

New York-based marketing agency sparks & honey (one of our favourites, by the way) regularly upload insightful presentations to Slideshare. Their latest piece of work is called “Meet Generation Z: Forget Everything You Learned About Millennials,” and it is a comprehensive guide to the next generation of consumers.

Obviously, Millennials are what most marketers are trying to reach these days. However, there is a new generation of consumer developing, and it seems it is going to make life for brands even more difficult…

Highlights needed?

Gen Z wants to change the world. 60% of them want to have an impact on the world, compared to 39% of millennials

They are digitally over-connected. Gen Z-ers multitask across at least five screens daily and spend 41% of their time outside of school with computers or mobile devices, compared to 22% 10 years ago.

They worry about the economy more than anything else, including crime, politics, their parents’ job security, politics, or the cost of goods.

They are less active. 66% of kids ages six to 11 say online gaming is their main source of entertainment.

Click yourself through the presentation and explore your future target audience.

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Cover photo: Dave Lawler/Flickr CC