A Night at the Museum

On August 1st, the American Museum of Natural History will host a “sleepover for grown-ups.” After years of running their successful “A Night at the Museum” sleepover events for children, this will be a great opportunity to experience the world-famous museum in an all-new way.

This is what an AMNH kids' sleepover looks like.
This is what an AMNH kids’ sleepover looks like.

We find this is a remarkable step: Increasingly, museums are redefined as meeting points, and places for unique experiences, and open and transparent institutions. In times where the attention of consumers has become a rare commodity, even museums have to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant. Just like a brand they are well-advised to create experiences that make their visitors an integral part of the experience.

Our Culture Brands department has worked with many museums and exhibitions on doing just that: Creating memorable experiences and marketing arts and culture to a broad audience. Our latest example is the David Bowie exhibition in Berlin, but also includes our guided tour and merchandising concepts for the dOCUMENTA (13) and our long-time work for the Dresden State Art Collections.

Should you plan on attending the museum night: The AMNH Sleepover costs $375 and includes live animal demonstrations, a film screening, a champagne reception, a three-course dinner and a breakfast snack in the morning.

Cover photo: Wenzday01/Flickr CC