A Spaced-Out Exhibition

The other day we reported on MoMA’s plans to value visitor experience higher than the size of its collection. Now we learnt about an idea of New York’s  New Museum. For an upcoming exhibition called “Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module” they will transform the Fifth Floor gallery of the New Museum into the simulated interior of a spaceship.

It will help tackle “the challenges that contemporary artists experience in exhibiting works, or that curators come across in organizing exhibitions that stitch together diverse artworks, selected across generation, cultural context, personal narratives, and time.”

julies free porn movies While it will doubtlessly bring in more (and new!) visitors to the museum, the focus will still be on the many artworks, including video, sculpture, print, and installation, by artists hailing primarily from cities around Eastern Europe. Here’s an interesting interview with the curators of the exhibition.

universe exhibition

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