A Unique KLM Brand Experience

get link follow link KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have created a unique brand experience that consumers can actually live in through the accommodation sharing site AirBnB. The ‘Spacious Airplane Apartment’ is actually a dwelling that KLM has created by refurbishing a plane that’s parked beside the runway of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

Here’s how KLM describes the plane-house: “[O]ur detached airplane comes with all conveniences and will truly be your home away from home. Inside the bright 366m² plane with 116 windows you will find a large living room, one master bedroom, two children’s beds, two kitchens and eight small bathrooms. It comes with Wi-Fi, a toaster, a coffeemaker, comfortable first class chairs, a game console and a giant cockpit panorama window.”

For a chance to stay in the Airplane Apartment, you have to pick a date and tell KLM why and with whom you would like to stay in the Airplane Apartment.

We think this is a clever brand collaboration and a great way to experience your brand values.


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