Air France’s Upgrade Challenge

Our (potential) clients always like to ask us what kind of services we offer. While our website goes into detail about everything from events to athlete management (this is about to change, by the way), we don’t like to talk about that anymore. Why? When we get a briefing from a client, we don’t think in disciplines, we think in brand experiences. We are interested in the outcome and like to think in categories like “engagement” or “activation” rather than “mobile app” or “promotion”. That’s how we came up with solutions like the GLA Audiobook Adventure or the VW Showcase in Sochi.

A good example from another neck of the woods is Air France’s Upgrade Challenge: To celebrate the arrival of its new business cabins in Asia, AF turned the 15 minutes before boarding into a real-time competition to win an instant upgrade into business. However, instead of many PR stunts you see these days, you can actually download the cloud slicer game and earn yourself an upgrade! We’re not sure what came first: The real-world experience or the mobile app. Does it matter? We don’t think so, as the result is a compelling way for Air France to interact with their consumers!

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