Amazon’s First Retail Store

What do Birchbox, Bonobos, and Warby Parker have in common? They are all opening up brick-and-mortar stores. Why would Amazon of all brands join this transition from the virtual to the physical?

According to, Amazon plans to open its first store in New York City: “The experimental pop-up store will function as a small warehouse, holding limited inventory for same-day deliveries only in New York. The store may also host tech showcases for items such as Kindle e-readers, Fire phones and Fire TVs.”

On the surface, it seems all about currently hot retail ideas same-day delivery, ordering online and picking up in-store. However,  virtually every traditional retailer establishing an online division – even Lidl runs an online store these days! Amazon is seeking a competitive edge, and wants to engrain its brand deeper into the (holiday) shopper’s psyche. Which is a smart move if you ask us, as we strongly believe that a positive physical retail experience beats an online shopping moment by a mile.

Cover photo: luxuryluke/FlickrCC