Are You Online?

We just read an interesting article in German marketing trade media Werben & Verkaufen. German Sinus Institute, a big player in target audience analysis, conducted a study on online behaviour among Germans between 14 and 24 years. While they found that 98% of them use the internet, a large percentage found it difficult to answer when and for how long. This is not surprising, as a lot of people (and certainly most adolescents) carry a smartphone with them at all times. The correct answer would be “always and forever”.

This is yet another proof that online and “offline” worlds have merged, and it is a little shortsighted (and outdated) to think your campaigns in different channels. Rather, brands need to come up with integrated strategies that focus  on the message and the experience they want consumers to have. Let your target audience immerse in your marketing efforts and make them feel a genuine part of your campaign. What tools you use to achieve this are secondary.

Photo: Steve Rhode/Flickr CC