Bavarian Coffee Roastery Skilfully Stages Its Products

Ever since its founding in 1998, the coffee roaster Dinzler has focused on storytelling. To do so, the roasting house situated in Rosenheim, creates extraordinary and tasteful experiences that put its product into focus. For Katrin Richter, chief of marketing at Dinzler, the key of success therewith is merely linked to marketing through emotional storytelling. “Coffee is a very emotional product”, says Richter. Advertising a product through emotions as part of a greater concept is a well-known principle that represents Avantgarde’s strategy fairly accurate.

see Like us Dinzler consider brand ambassadors as a core factor of success. From its very beginning, the then very young Bavarian coffee brand won over customers and established quality awareness in making the brand tangible: Until today the company focuses on creating emotional brand awareness and by serving finest espresso at a charming in-house bar counter. Of course you can also buy beans individually aligned to your personal taste. Next to the store lies the heart of the house, the roasting factory, which is open for guests and customers whilst interested parties can participate in barista workshops.

On the upper floor coffee enthusiasts find a restaurant. Over forty percent of the revenue is made in the gastronomy sector. But that’s not it: The Dinzler-team offers a nightly cultural program with concerts, readings and even an annual festival. Richter resolutely states: “Art and coffee belong together”. In her eyes, the relevant groups of interest for selling coffee are closely connected with the art community. And we couldn’t agree more: On cultural events you can raise awareness within peoples daily life routines and enhance a brand. At Dinzlers you will find almost no traditional marketing. Instead they merely invest in performance marketing, adwords or SEO but also into experiential forms of marketing.

get link Dinzler creates its very own stories. We love the idea of creating fans through storytelling and customer experience. The focus not only keeps expenses low – it also produces an emotional relation to the brand and the product.

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