Burger King levels up in e-sports and gaming

We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of a marathon gaming session. Suddenly you realize that you’re craving some food. For hours you’ve been playing this new video game and don’t want to stop.

Burger King Spain might have a solution for this the dilemma with the launch of a video game delivery service: Essentially, Burger King is taking advantage of their existing home delivery services – except that gamers are placing the orders within the game: So while playing FIFA’17 or Call of Duty, customers can easily order their nuggets or Whopper without interrupting their gameplay.

Obviously, we want orders, but it isn’t the main objective. It’s to get the activation known, and to have people try. If customers are happy, we’re happy. If they feel this was useful for them, and they like and appreciate that PlayStation and Burger King are doing something cool, it’s cool for us too—and they’ll like us better.

We like the idea about an integrated concept of brands adapting lifestyle habits and broadening marketing goals to more than just numbers.

Watch the Burger Clan clip:

Photo credit: © Burger King