Transforming One Star into a Five Star Experience

How does a sneaker brand create celebratory brand experiences that are worthy of its most rabid and loyal fans? For Converse, the answer is its unapologetically rowdy Converse One Star Hotel – an exclusive two-day affair where guests were promised “loud neighbours & zero sleep”.

Situated in the street-culture heart of Shoreditch was a sprawling five-floor brand space designed to immerse guests in the world of sneakers, fashion and culture. What the sneaker culture attuned experience provides is an ironically five star experience underneath its tongue-in-cheek ‘One Star’ rating. In spirit, Converse is a brand that celebrates creative expression.

The journey begins in the lobby where an Insta-famous concierge is on hand to bestow his Instagram influencer skills to guests. Think of this as boot camp on how to capture the all-important Instagrammable moments that awaits the guests.

One of the rooms aptly named ‘Step Into Sweetness’ drowns the guests in the pastel colour world of the latest Converse One Star line-up. Its deliciously cotton candy colour can be felt, seen and even tasted throughout the room. A full-bodied sensorial experience is created evoking the Converse One Star line-up.

Each of the rooms is a testament to the spirit of creativity where individual artists, influencers and musicians were given creative freedom to express their personal styles and perspectives. Tizzy T – a famous Chinese rapper was in attendance where he hosted a mahjong tournament. Guests who competed had the chance to play against Tizzy T himself with one-of-a-kind Converse x Tizzy T One Stars for the winners. This fun and gamified room experience reflects Converse’s youthful and kinetic energy.

Artistic expression takes precedence within the Converse brand, as this unique brand space functions as a love-letter to artists, influencers, fashion icons and sneakerheads. Its ability to provide sensorial brand experiences that embodies the ethos of the Converse brand, whilst meaningfully engaging the micro-communities across many artistic circles demonstrate the power of resonant brand experiences.

We at Avantgarde relentlessly pursue innovative and unique brand experiences. Converse illustrates this innovative thinking by emphasising its unique creative energy with an unapologetic celebration of countercultural experiences. One Star is an exercise in playful irony where its rebellion against the conventional five star experiences yields a satisfying impact or as some may say – a five star brand experience.

Photo credit: Converse