#CreatingFans the NFL Way

follow Enter the ‘NFL Experience Times Square’ – a multi-floor journey designed to involve the casual spectator in an immersive brand experience. Created in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, its theatrics help create a truly sensorial experience that places guests in the kinetic journey of what it feels like to be in shoes of an NFL player.


The experience begins with a history lesson giving guests an insightful look into NFL’s ‘Hall of Fame’. It boasts prized memorabilia of the teams from helmets and uniforms as if it were a sports museum. It is a preparatory stage for the successive events to follow providing guests with a holistically visceral experience of the league’s evolution into what it is today.

Its main event invites guests to a mind-bending visual feast through screens that wraps around the walls and the ceilings of the room. The result is a first-person experience of what it feels like to be player on the field including volatile conditions like snow and the smell of freshly cut grass – depending on the season of course. Following the 4D experience, guests are invited into the ‘Visitors Practice’ where the physicality of the games can be tested with dummies that can be tackled to your hearts content.

We wanted to create something more personal and authentic that felt like you were truly a player on the field.

source Equipped with a VR headset disguised as a helmet, guests will be able to realise their childhood dreams. The transformation into casual spectator and into a casual fan is complete. The icing on the cake is the post-Super Bowl victory celebrations rewarding the casual fan as a member of a victorious community.

http://nonprofitrockstartour.com/contact-a-porn-star This is how a brand that has hundreds of millions of spectators forges an engaging and intimate connection. Casual spectators enter and leave the experience converted into casual fans. NFL Experience Times Square is successfully #CreatingFans through an immersive brand experience that places guests on a linear journey of becoming casual fans.


Photo credit: NFL

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