Culinary Adventures in Alder Room

follow link We didn’t want to be a normal restaurant, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but to me, that’s what everybody does and I want to do something that everybody isn’t doing.

– Alder Room Chef, Ben Staley

From the outset, Chef Ben Staley lays bare a sentiment that yearns for the unique and the unknown. The result is Alder Room – “a modern experiential restaurant; a place to interact with regional, seasonal cuisine and those who prepare it”.

mushroom with sauce serving

A room decorated with Nordic furniture, artisanal plates outsourced from a renowned ceramist, all the way to the tiny woodland twigs that are used to skewer small potatoes. Dining at the Alder Room is a special affair. Its skeleton team of just Chef Ben Staley and his assistant ensures an intimate experience for the 12 lucky guests. Devoting a meticulous approach to historic detail, the 10-20 dishes are served alongside stories of the individual journeys it took to reach the guests handcrafted plates.

With culinary excellence and an inimitable dining experience in mind, this Canadian restaurant is adamant in bringing adventures and storytelling back into dining. Guests are asked to dedicate three hours for this culinary adventure. It even goes as far as offering ‘tickets’ as opposed to boring old reservations – and then keeps guests guessing with a menu that is individually tailored to the attendees’. Think of this restaurant as more of a culinary matinée as opposed to your run of the mill Michelin restaurant.

go to link The result is an unmistakably unique and intimate culinary adventure, one that is faithful to the experiential spirit of stimulating emotional and sensory experiences. This experiential spirit is distilled right into Avantgarde’s DNA, and we are continually astonished at seeing restaurants embrace this approach to creating culinary fans.

For more information visit Alder Room’s website.

Photo credit: Alder Room