Digital Marketing is Dead

Mark Ritson is not only a 2015 winner of the British PPA Awards (for Best Business Columnist, in case you were wondering), he has also shed some light on the growing obsolescence of the term “digital marketing”.

Here’s an excerpt from his column in Marketing Week:

Diageo’s CEO Ivan Menezes got me thinking about all that again last week when he discussed his company’s rather impressive recent numbers. Diageo is one of the world’s more advanced marketing companies and so what Menezes said at the end of his analysis caught my attention. “It is not about doing ‘digital marketing’,it is about marketing effectively in a digital world,” he explained.


Clients got over their new toy syndrome and realised that they only had one budget and one set of strategic objectives to service. They looked at their target customers who, as ever, were able to cross seamlessly back and forth between the digital world and the traditional one during their media consumption – often using both simultaneously.

We have long adapted to this reality, and our new CI reflects this change even better. As Ritson put it: “[Smart agencies] swam upstream to the point that they departed the digital niche and entered the brave new world of integrated brand experience.” Integrated brand experiences, here  we come!

Cover photo: flackblag7/FlickrCC