Digital Natives Want Retail Theatres

watch In a new report, Samsung claims that retailers need to enhance their in-store experience or they will lose customers to online shops. According to this article on Marketing Magazine’s website, shops risk becoming mere “brand showrooms” if retailers fail to enhance the shopping experience. Nearly half of those questioned said that they would actively choose to visit retailers who use technology to do this and make shopping more convenient.

get link “Retailers need to be using technology to bring their physical environment to life,” says Graham Long, vice-president of Samsung’s Enterprise Business. “They need to enhance the shopping experience. It’s not just a case of replicating online in-store; they need to be better at bridging the gap between the two and creating a sense of retail theatre. A seamless experience will gain the loyalty of young consumers, helping create engaged, connected and happy customers.”While this should be the rule for all consumer touch points, it is particularly important for the retail environment: If you fail to connect with your consumers in an engaging way, they will make the purchase elsewhere.

Cover photo: Christopher Chan/FlickrCC

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