“Emotional imprint” Creates Customer Loyalty

source Global market researchers GfK have developed the “emotional imprint”, a new indicator for measuring customer loyalty. As  customer satisfaction alone does not necessarily imply loyalty, companies have to create emotional experiences for consumers to remain loyal to them. 

David Robbins, global lead for GfK Customer Harmonics, explains:

Our new model shows that the more memorable and vivid an experience, the stronger the emotional imprint it creates – and the higher that person’s advocacy and resistance to switching to competitors.

Apparently, by integrating the “emotional imprint” of the customer experience with customer advocacy and other critical KPIs, GfK is accurately predicting company-level loyalty scores at a rate of 80 percent – double the rate of using customer satisfaction alone. Not that we’ve ever doubted it, but this confirms that memorable brand experiences are an excellent tool to leverage consumer loyalty and keep your customers not just happy but turn them into brand fans!

Here’s GfK’s full press release on the emotional imprint.

Cover photo: Waddell and Conder/FlickrCC

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