Entering the Expectation Economy

In a recent Marketing Week article, Mastercard’s global chief marketing and communications officer, Raja Rajamannar, pretty much preaches the gospel in terms of brand experiences. He explains the brand’s shift from storytelling to story-making and why we have entered the expectation economy.

Here are just two bon mots taken from the interview:

Today, consumers are connected 24/7 and brands are now operating in an ‘expectation economy’. Research shows that consumers value experiences more than material goods, and that shared experiences connect us deeper to other people than shared consumption.

As the world becomes more experiential, every person alive today is a natural story-maker. The desire for amazing experiences is bottomless. It’s not enough to tell stories about priceless experiences. We need to align the stars for our consumers and help them create their own.

Have a look at the full interview and get inspired on how to help consumers create their own brand stories.

Cover photo: Texas.713 Super Bowl Live LI/Flickr CC