Experience is an Attitude to Total Brand Building

Let’s jump straight into this insightful article on brandrepublic.com about brand building: 

Tim Jones, creative director at RPM Agency, said that many people think that experiential marketing lacks the scale and impact to effect brand quality.

here That perception is changing as brands now recognise the benefits. 

go to site “In the last five years we have been seeing brand experience is no longer a channel but an attitude to total brand building,” he confirmed.

“The change has been so dramatic that clients are event asking to build brands from scratch using the experiential agenda.”

There you go. The article lists successful experiential marketing examples from brands like Heineken, Innocent, and Samsung that all prove that brand experiences have long outgrown the notion of being another term for mere events and PR stunts.

Cover photo: Ulrich Köhler/Avantgarde

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