Forrester: Customer Experiences Will Transcend Touchpoints

Forrester Research just released its 2017 digital business predictions. They focus on the importance of operational excellence in digital transformation. Including an all-new understanding of customer experiences.

What does this mean for marketing? Let’s have a look at some of their predictions (quoted from this article on

follow link Brands will finally build holistic customer experiences that transcend touchpoints. Customers don’t deserve to be dropped between touchpoints. In 2017, digital business professionals will accelerate work to break down the silos between web, mobile app, and offline engagement. Omnichannel retail experiences like digital stores or click-and-collect will become increasingly mainstream customer experiences as will App+ strategies that transform smartphones into control panels for cars and homes and wearables that feed health data to insurance firms. If businesses have not yet embraced customer journey mapping, now is the time to do so.

see url This is what we have learned from our work with leading consumer brands in recent months: Single-channel solutions are fading away to make way for a holistic approach to brand building and experience.

Here’s the link to the complete Forrester report.

Photo credit: Pieter van Marion/FlickrCC

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