Get Things Wrong!

Are you familiar with Wired Magazine’s Design 2014 feature? The magazine staff collected 13 examples on what they call “Silicon Modern”, the ongoing renaissance in design. While we like most of those examples, we have been particularly inspired by an essay called “Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design” by Wired editor-in-chief Scott Dadich.

While it initially tackles challenges in the field of design, he broadens his thoughts to include just about anything: art, jazz, music, technology. In a nutshell, he describes design as a cycle in three stages:

source In the early stages, practitioners dedicate themselves to inventing and improving the rules. Over time, those rules become laws, and artists and designers dedicate themselves to excelling within these agreed-upon parameters, creating work of unparalleled refinement and sophistication. But once a certain maturity has been reached, someone comes along who decides to take a different route.

We would argue that the same goes for compelling marketing: It is easy to seek perfection when you never change the formula you sell to your clients. At Avantgarde, we have always looked to challenge traditions, go new ways, and sometimes intentionally get something “wrong”, i. e. move us and our clients onto new grounds.


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