How Technology Can Foster Storymaking

get link While storytelling was one of the buzzwords of the past decade, new technologies enable brands to tap into the stories people are sharing with each other, and to facilitate what is called storymaking. 

A while ago, source url David Berkowitz, CEO at MRY, a New-York-based digital agency, propagated storymaking as the new way for brands to connect with their consumers. His exact words were:

The future of storytelling isn’t about telling anyone anything. It’s about storymaking, where the brand facilitates and taps into the stories people are creating and sharing with each other. Storytelling is the epitome of the old one-way, broadcast mindset that so many of us in marketing are trying to leave behind. Storymaking, by contrast, is far more fulfilling, and exactly what will matter to the people all of our brands are trying to reach.

Now Berkowitz further explains storymaking and how new technologies can help brands bringing it to life.

He lists enter site video streaming apps, wearables, enter virtual reality and messaging apps as driving forces behind storymaking. Successful storymaking happens when a brand starts interacting with its consumers and uses these technologies to create an interactive dialogue:

These technologies alone don’t shift the focus to storymaking, but such apps and platforms are evolving quickly. The biggest opportunity for storymaking today is by appreciating how these apps are all about two-way communication.

The greatest creative ideas do just that: Let consumers share brand messages by involving them in the story of a brand.

Cover photo: Álvaro Ibáñez/FlickrCC