How to create more powerful brand engagement

In a guest post on the Event Magazine blog, Phil Boas, director of brand engagement at Paragon, discusses the benefits of immersive experiences when it comes to brand engagement. According to him, brands who implement a cross-media focus create more powerful brand engagement than those just focusing on the digital element. 

Like Boas, we also consider the combination of physical and digital key opportunities for marketers. Boas states:

Brands who invest in creating immersive experiences for their target audiences are the ones that succeed. A study examining experiential marketing trends on more than 1,600 major organisations found 84% of people believe that experiential marketing activities are important, very important or critical to their organisations.

The entire post is an interesting read. Once you’re done with it, we recommend reading our blog post Digital Marketing is Dead.

Cover photo: Ulrich Köhler/Avantgarde