Immersive Experiences: A Trending Topic

Advertising agency JWT just released their annual trend forecast „10 Trends for 2014 and beyond“. For those who find it hard to read even a post as short as this one JWT produced a short animated video running you through the latest trends in consumer behaviour for the coming years.

To us, it is not surprising that they rank „immersive experiences“ the number one trend. Their reasoning behind it:

Entertainment, narratives and brand experiences will become more immersive and altogether more enveloping in a bid to capture consumers’ imagination and attention.

Or in our words: Brands of all industries will struggle if they disregard the rise of experiential marketing. Consumers struggle with the amount of marketing messages they receive on various on- and offline channels. Authentic brand experiences are not only the ideal way to capture consumers’ attention, it also helps build a strong bond – or as we like to say: „Creating Fans“

Photo: djsgallery/Flickr CC

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