In Search of an Oasis of Calm

go site The other day, Fast Company featured a kickstarter project for “LEDmeKnow”, a small box that lights up whenever you receive a notification on your phone. While we liked the design and the customisable interface, with less than three days to go, it is unlikely the project will receive the necessary funding. However, here’s a random thought that was inspired by the little light box:

Instead of finding new ways of staying connected, why don’t we actively search for oases of calm?

When was the last time your lunch date went to the bathroom and you didn’t immediately check your phone for new messages? For a lot of us, being constantly online has become somewhat addictive. Some have even claimed that smart phones are the new cigarettes. Forever sitting on the receiving end of information is something that makes a lot of us crave for a time long lost: a moment without constant digital distractions. A party in the countryside takes on a very different quality when the guests realise they don’t have reception.

Interestingly, at the US Open of Golf no cell phones or cameras are allowed on the course at Pinehurst. This probably runs against everything a social media manager would tell them. (and also gave the event sponsor American Express a pretty obvious option to engage with the audience) However, the key to good marketing has always been to create positive brand experiences with a lasting effect. Instead of getting bamboozled by the ever-increasing digital options, trusting meaningful physical encounters with your consumers is more than a last resort: it may be the way forward to stand out from the crowd.

Cover photo: Kevin Labianco/Flickr CC
A nice illustration of what information overload means.
A nice illustration of what information overload means.

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