The Magic of Instagram Moments

We live in a world driven by moments. These moments are the experiences that we want to relive and even recreate. Enter Instagram – a place where moments are immortalised and shared to family, friends and the world at large.

Instagram has become the final destination for these moments where we can share experiences that are filled with vibrancy and meaning to us. It is this very touch point that is ripe with opportunity for brands. And this space of opportunity is literally being created by brands such as Glossier, Nike, Adidas and even artisan bakeries in an experiential fashion.

The Essence of Connecting.


Glossier is a brand that understands the power of customers that act like dedicated brand ambassadors. It is this understanding that has prompted them to design a physical space that has the Instagram-worthy quality in mind – a space for their customers to enjoy and share their experiences to the world of Instagram.

With the release of their fragrance Glossier You, they created a brand experience that befits the name where customers connect with the brand on a truly intimate and personal level. From the magenta furniture all the way to the millennial pink carpets, the space functions as an immersive wonderland that can be captured in real life as well as an environment for creating those Instagram moments. It also features a mirrored room with a curious red button. When the button is triggered, a gloved hand equipped with the fragrance appears and literally reaches out to the customer as an open invitation to the fragrant world of Glossier You.

An Experiential Destination.

Another bold example of an Instagram-ready space come to life is the New York City bakery Supermoon Bakehouse. Co-owner Aron Tzimas mentions that he “wanted the presentation of the store to look like an art gallery where the pastries are the hero”. The bakery experience is taken to the next level where the sensorial design becomes of equal importance as the delicious baked goods on offer. From the eclectic textures all the way to the pink slabs of concrete tables, these elements all add up to a unique and Instagram-ready experience.

I think the future of design will be much more based around experience […] This not only connects with Instagram but all of culture

Brands ranging from cosmetics all the way to baked goods are aligning with this philosophy: experience being the first and foremost facet to consider when developing, marketing and delivering products. In this experience economy, brands are expected to create an environment where the customer is the brand ambassador as a way to encourage authentically shareable moments. It’s truly an experiential world – and we are all just living it.



Photo credits: Kris Tamburello & Supermoon Bakehouse