The McIntosh Sound of Experience

Enter the World of McIntosh – a 12,000-foot townhouse in the savvy SoHo district of New York City which houses the best sound experience you will find. To the naked eye, this brick-clad building looks like your typical fare of industrial luxury complete with a minimalist aesthetic. It bares no loud exclamation that it is a showroom that is trying to sell you something. Its excellence is revealed when these individually curated objects that make up the whole are viewed in isolation. Through a harmonious and an unassuming fit to the space: the furniture, décor and design create a wholesome ambience.

The main event here is the high-end McIntosh home stereo equipment that is scattered throughout the townhouse. Senior Marketing Manager for McIntosh Group David Mascioni says of the space: “Our goal is to have a guest who feels inspired and who enjoyed a one-of-a-kind experience”. This is what makes the World of McIntosh truly special: it puts the brand experience over the product where this experience just happens to have the world’s best sound experience amongst its décor.

It helps show what [the equipment] looks like fully integrated in a beautiful environment

The product is almost imperceptible creating an ironically loud impact throughout the experience journey. Take the first floor for example, where guests are welcomed by an underside view of the second floor’s pool along with unique pieces of art hanging from walls. The art is a story in itself – featuring commissioned pieces that were created by local artists who happened to be listening to music from a McIntosh system while creating art. Even though the sound of McIntosh isn’t heard, its ambient power is experienced from the emotions that the surrounding art inspires. This is the very principle that we at Avantgarde practice and preach – to connect with consumers through the emotion of life: excitement. We believe that emotions have the power to transform consumers into fans.


The World of McIntosh shows that it is more than the sound its speakers – it is a lifestyle, a way of living and breathing. And it’s one that is breathtakingly simple and functional: It just so happens to be that the ambience you feel and hear is coming from your McIntosh speakers.