Measuring Acts of Online Engagement

get link source url Marketing shouldn’t be all about numbers: It’s not the amount of people you reach with your message. In our opinion, it’s about the level of engagement you reach, the excitement you spark, and the word-of-mouth influence you create. The same goes for online marketing: Traditional online activity measurements like clicks, unique visits, and time-on-site, page views have defined how well-trafficked websites are. Chartbeat, a new analytics company is trying to change that.

An article on the Fast Company website aptly called “Death to Page Views!” explains that Chartbeat has found a way to figure out how engaged site visitors are:

Chartbeat’s JavaScript snippet listens for what they call “acts of engagement.” This includes things like the loading of the page, scrolling, resizing the window, mousing down, pressing the down arrow key and the like. Essentially, anything that signifies that you are in fact an actual human being with eyeballs paying any attention whatsoever to the page.

get link No doubt, “acts of engagement” sound like a way better tool for measuring online behaviour (and ultimately success!) than mere page views or unique visitors.

Cover photo: Tueksta/FlickrCC

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