Millennials Are Changing Agencies

In a long article about the impact of Millennials on the ad agency business, Ad Week also sheds some light on the recent changes in the advertising industry in general. While we highly recommend the entire article, here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

  • Millennials are making agencies more tech-savvy, helping them meet complex client needs in a fast-changing digital economy
  • [Before the advent of Millennials] Research, planning and creative development moved in predictably straight lines.  go to link Silos made some sense in the pre-digital era. Such divisions … suited a simpler world in which TV, print, radio, direct and outdoor were the primary media options.
  • The fragmented digital landscape is  anything but linear. Agencies that had trudged along for decades found themselves under pressure to enter develop more compelling ways to communicate with consumers.
  • Millennials tend to see work across departments, tapping into broader expertise rather than struggling on their own in the hope of claiming the glory.

Maybe it was Millennials, maybe it was changing clients’ needs, but at Avantgarde, we have put these insights into our business reality. Yes, we still have individual departments, we encourage our people to move freely, think beyond disciplines or channels, and come up with truly engaging ideas.

Cover photo: epicantus/FlickrCC