Millennials Read More Books

go to site A recent study from the Pew Research Center among 6,000 Americans found that Millennials (younger than 30-year-olds) read more books than the over-30 crowd. This goes directly against what a lot of marketers believe to be true about Millennials: that they have a short attention span, and like everything as it’s digital and online.

Also, according to the study fewer Americans are visiting libraries than in recent years, and they value the space of the library over the books available. Both results show the deep-rooted demand in younger generations for authentic experiences and captivating “offline content”.

People under 30—those who use the internet the most—were also most likely to say that there is “a lot of useful, important information that is not available on the internet.”

More information over at The Atlantic.

Cover photo: Christian Senger/Flickr CC

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