MoMA: The Museum as a Third Place

Great article on the glassy redesign plans of the Museum of Modern Art in midtown Manhattan. While it gets a lot of bashing from the worlds of architecture and art, MoMa’s director Glenn Lowry has a clear vision for the museum’s future: the museum as a third place, that coveted spot outside of home or work where people congregate and socialize:

Great art museums not only contain exemplary works of art, they are also places where – in a single visit – surprise, learning, and reflection come together in a liberating set of experiences. They link contemplation and conversation, quiet and excitement.

– Glenn Lowry

Whether we work with the Documenta 13, the Dresden State Art Collections, or other clients in arts and culture, we know that user experience is all too often neglected. Watch this space for more from our “culture brands” unit. In the meantime, learn more about the discussion the MoMA redesign has sparked!