Muji Takes Off With Anti-Gorgeous Hotel Concept

go to site Japanese lifestyle brand Muji continues it’s success with an elegant experiential retail concept. A hotel, decked out in Muji products, opened in China equipped with a store, a library as well as a restaurant, a gym-space and stylish conference rooms.

Muji operates as a retailer for household goods, food, skincare and fashion basics and now levels up on experiential marketing. Well-known for it’s ongoing wow through a minimalistic and simple lifestyle-approach, the brand recently opened its first hotel in Chinas uprising super city Shenzhen. Design and concept are developed in-house. The hotel is equipped with 79 rooms – from which all follow the company’s philosophy of ‘No Brand Quality Goods’. Instead, the suites obey the style of traditional Chinese homes that have been repurposed for the hotel’s interiors and courtyards.

From the extraordinary to the ordinary

A two-floor Muji store on the hotels ground floor offers minimalist-style furniture, goodies, electronics or crockery. That’s volitional, cause favoured products can be purchased at the adjoining store. Hotel guests will most likely fall for one of Mujis simple and reasonable-priced products in the hotel room – most of which are devised by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa.

Dine fine, read a book or keep fit in the gym

Subsequent to an exquisite hotel stay, dining at the Muji dinner enriches the brand experience with its international cuisine. Certainly all dishes are served on Muji dinnerware. The hotel also provides a library that is free to access 24/7 and includes more than 650 different titles. It also comprises a small gym with aero-bikes and running machines as well as three conference rooms with space for up to 200 people.

Cooperating with Muji stores, [it] seeks to provide a physical experience of the Muji philosophy through the texture of the towels, the placement of outlets and light switches, menu and venue of the restaurant, and more.

Muji is all about adopting a minimalist and simple way of life – following Mujis „anti-gorgeous“ and „anti-cheap“ brand values. Through planting the brand inconspicuously in its retail concept, the Japanese firm creates fans through a rounded experience that is dominated by a simplified lifestyle and a minimalistic way of life. The concept, that is set to also roll out to Beijing and Tokyo, confirms more than just a bigger trend towards diversified retail concepts: the brand delivers a way of life that customers identify with through experiencing the brand within a travel context of the Muji Hotel.

We consider this a great concept and a pretty successfully formidable way to place a brand, taking the focus away from selling rather towards experiencing it!

Photo Credit: Muji