Storytelling with The Artist

With premium craft beer The Artist’s roots firmly planted at a 14th century Belgian farm-turned-brewery: the founders Olivier Gilson and Benjamin cox looked to export the historic craftsmanship behind their artisanal Belgian beer across continents.

Gilson and Cox’s solution came in to fruition with The Artist House – a 3,800 sq ft retail space in the heart of Hong Kong. The founders envisioned the space as a spiritual extension of the 14th century Belgian farm where their beer is brewed as well as a sprawling lifestyle hub. Its philosophy of absolute authenticity is reflected in the experience as well in its interior design, where its blend of earthy accents and wooden textures promise a reminiscent yet distinct ambiance.


Today’s consumers have the desire to live unique experiences rather than simply purchase goods.

In essence, The Artist House is a multisensory expedition inviting craft beer enthusiasts to see, smell, touch and taste the rich immersive world of The Artist. The space offers an educational journey into brewery traditionalism featuring a kitchen for developing personal beer pairings and even an edible perfume bar where guests can pair fragrances with their craft beer concoctions.

This authentic experience invites guests to indulge in their personal tastes and preferences with an in-house microbrewery designed to complement the hydroponic farm that cultivates various herbs, spices and edible flowers. It essentially empowers guests to create their own brand of craft beer infusions and craft beer cocktails – signifying The Artist’s ethos of authentic individuality and creative expression.

What makes The Artist House extraordinary is its practiced belief that each individual is an artist in their own right with the power to create, style and invent unique expressions of individuality. Not only does The Artist House succeed in creating authentically transporting experiences; its strength also lies in its belief of empowering fans to invent and express their unique personal touches. We wholesomely subscribe to the idea of distilling the magical moments in life and celebrating it using brand experiences that connect, engage and resonate. Its blend of brand experience storytelling is a masterful exercise in crafting the expressively immersive world of The Artist.