Surrounded By Nutella At the First Nutella Café

For some of you a dream might come true: Ferrero’s Nutella is opening up its first brand owned Café in Chicago. Design, architecture and menu are all meant to make visitors to feel like entering a giant Nutella jar. Literally, the Nutella Café absorbs visitors into the brand’s world. For real Nutella fans, this seems like heaven on earth – and will definately strengthen brand loyalty and the relationship between customers and brand.

Nutalla Design

Nutella-coloured dripping ornaments complement the warm, creamy colour on the walls. Red accents recall the Nutella logo into visitors’ minds. Communal tables evoke familiar moments like straight from a Nutalla ad.

source Based loosely on the motto „Life is short, eat desert first“, the menu focuses on sweet plates. Crepe, baguette or waffles are graded up with some of the famous chocolote spread. But not every item includes Nutella. Savory dishes like panini are inspired by the origins of Nutella. The spec ham in a panino remembers of the well-known prosciutto which is prepared in the same region as Nutella.

The concept really brings a Nutella jar alive and therefore offers an exceptional brand experience.

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